At DPG Media, we want to use the strength of our brands to enact positive change. We do this through our own charities, but also by supporting external initiatives.

Rode Neuzen Dag 2020

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is an initiative of VTM, Qmusic, HLN and Belfius that aims to make young people more physically, socially and mentally resilient. The fifth edition of Red Nose Day took place in 2020. Sadly, there was no Sportpaleis performance, no grand TV show with an audience, and no sales of red noses, but there was 10 hours of live music on radio, TV and online on the day, all preceded by months of  awareness raising about the mental well-being of young people. Some figures from this most atypical Red Nose Day: almost 60,000 young people watched the online resilience training "Red Nose (k) Hour" and 800 schools registered as a proud Red Nose school.

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Five OverKop houses were established from the proceeds of Red Nose Day in 2016, one in each Flemish province. In 2020, the OverKop houses expanded in number from five to 16. An OverKop house can accommodate young people up to the age of 25 who are looking for a listening ear or who are in need of professional therapeutic help, but without them having to be labeled. It is a safe place where young people can simply walk in and out, and also do all sorts of fun activities. 

The name 'OverKop' was coined by young people themselves and has a double meaning. 'Being turned upside down’ can be fun, but it can also refer to 'problems in your head'. The approach is that it’s 'ok' to feel less good every now and then, and also that it’s 'ok' to talk about it.

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Logo Koninklijke Vereniging vzw Kindergeluk

Koninklijke Vereniging Kindergeluk vzw

As a company, we support this non-profit organization that aims to give underprivileged children and young people new opportunities, both socially and culturally. For example, we double all the revenues we receive from the guided tours at the EPC (our printing company in Lokeren) and donate them to the Koninklijke Vereniging Kindergeluk (literally the Royal Association for Children’s Happiness), a non-profit organization.

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Verkeersveiligheid met Aya

Veilig in het verkeer (Traffic Safety)

With Aya and Zeppe & Zikki

Aya is a space creature that just happens to have ended up in Otto and Belle's garden. Aya obviously knows nothing about traffic and so Otto and Belle playfully teach it the traffic rules. This adventure series on VTM KIDS JR is tailor-made for toddlers. There are also useful reminders for parents to follow the traffic rules properly themselves. In addition, there is a large Aya campaign in schools every year in which an average of 3,000 kindergarten classes or about 60,000 preschool children participate.

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Zeppe en Zikki met fluovestjes

Zeppe & Zikki help primary school children to cope with traffic more safely. When Zeppe & Zikki set out together, they encounter all kinds of dangers. They try to avoid them in some very original ways and so they always end up in crazy situations. In the meantime, children learn to not only be careful in traffic, but also to help others. 

The craziest traffic duo in Flanders is also the figurehead for several national safety campaigns.

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drukkerij EPC Lokeren

Waterless printing

EPC (or Eco Print Center), our printing company, is a pioneer in the field of dry offset printing. The printing presses operate according to an environmentally friendly procedure called waterless printing. In this way, they deliver high-quality printed material in an environmentally friendly manner.