Responsible data usage

Collecting, storing and using personal and behavioural data transparently, carefully and fairly.

Every day, we handle enormous amounts of data, which comes with great responsibility. We strive to prevent filter bubbles, and the use of personal data always aligns with the agreements between us and the consumers. We do not sell consumer data and ensure its secure storage.

Facts and figures

  • Our policy on dealing with personal data and other consumer data within DPG Media has been more firmly safeguarded in the organisation by tightening up procedures and identifying a group of internal experts responsible for monitoring them.

  • In 2023, generative Artificial Intelligence had its breakthrough. To ensure responsible use of this technology, we developed internal rules and educated colleagues on the matter.

  • Berlingske Media launched a self-service portal for consumers to inspect their personal data or have it deleted.

  • Launch of and These portals provide consumers with information on how we collect and use data, and allow them to access, modify, or delete their data. 

  • DPG Media collaborates with Dutch universities on promoting research regarding the application of Artificial Intelligence in the media.

  • DPG Media supports the industry-wide initiative to develop an independent data vault where citizens can store their personal digital data.

With the data vault being developed by DPG Media in collaboration with other media organizations, users can gain full control over access to their data. This ensures better privacy protection while potentially enabling significantly improved personalization of services and advertisements. Users can genuinely determine what information can be shared, with whom, when, and for how long, leading to a more tailored experience.

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Thanks to the innovative DPG Network, visitors are presented with messages that are tailored to their situation. Subscribers enjoy an added bonus of accessing other titles within the network. Advertisers benefit from a secure environment and achieve better results compared to big tech platforms.

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