Development and Growth of Our Employees

The digital transition that our media organizations are undergoing requires different competencies and skills from our employees. Therefore, we are making investments through our training institutes (Academy and Campus) to cultivate a distinct blend of digital skills, leadership qualities, and expertise in our workforce. We consider it essential for our employees to continuously develop and grow.

  • In 2022, the Academy and Campus collectively offered a total of 1,023 training programs. These programs accounted for 49,735 training hours across Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

  • At least 20,000 hours were dedicated exclusively to enhancing digital competencies.

In a world where change and adaptability are essential, Melanie van Hemert has made her mark as the Director of HR for Belgium & Netherlands at DPG Media. With a background as a tax advisor and a passion for aligning human ambitions with business objectives, Melanie has played a pivotal role in promoting diversity and a learning culture within the organization. Read on to discover how she has put her vision into practice and made a difference.

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