Strong and independent journalism

Investing in the continuous development of the profession and ensuring that our editing teams can spread news independently and free of constraints.

Our editorial teams must bring the news independently and freely. They contribute to a strong and connected society. It's in our DNA. We achieve this through a strict separation of commercial activities and editorial work, and by continually investing in journalism itself. Some concrete examples include our journalistic Campus, offering journalistic training to enhance the professionalism of our journalists. We also have a Director of Journalism who is responsible for the ongoing development of the profession.

Facts and figures:

  • DPG Media has 20 news media in its portfolio.

  • The journalistic independence of those titles is safeguarded in a number of ways, including by 17 individual editorial statutes and 6 independent foundations.

  • In 2023, the Flemish and Dutch news media teams produced 1,400 unique articles per day.

  • These titles’ editing teams made use of the services of 1,934 journalists and many freelancers in 2023.

DPG Media breathes journalism. Of its nearly 6,000 employees, 2,000 are journalists. It is crucial, therefore, that our editorial teams reflect the diversity of the society around us. We aim to have a staff composition that represents people of all ages, ethnicities, abilities, and backgrounds. By incorporating various perspectives, the news gains even more angles and depth. To achieve this, we have developed a dedicated traineeship program to ensure that reliable news is produced with a more diverse outlook.

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DPG Media invests in the development and innovation of journalism and journalists. In this way, independent and high-quality journalism is ensured. Curious about what it's like to work as a journalist for one of DPG Media's titles? Read the stories of how each journalist experiences their work differently and how versatile the profession is.

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Reporting is the journalist's primary task. They feel it in their very core, telling the story of what is happening. Locally, nationally, and globally. However, one-way communication in reporting is no longer sufficient. Our audience talks back, asking questions and expressing opinions. This is a development that our journalists must learn from and actually improve upon, according to Erik van Gruijthuijsen (General Director of Publishing at DPG Media).

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