Meet Certified by DPG Media: the brand new certification program from DPG Media. Especially for media professionals who want to have knowledge of DPG Media, the Trusted Web and the advertising platforms Datalab and Ad Manager. Read more below!

The online certification platform for media professionals.

With Certified, you'll gain comprehensive knowledge about the DPG Media network and self-service platforms, such as DPG Media's Datalab. Through interactive certification modules, you can achieve various certificates, ensuring optimal results for campaigns, regardless of your objectives.

After obtaining the certification, you can rightly call yourself a DPG Media expert, you can share your certifications with your network and strengthen your position as a media professional in the market.

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Three certification programs:

1. Trusted Web

As a Trusted Web Certified Professional, you navigate effortlessly within the DPG Media portfolio, consistently identifying the right titles and target audiences for your campaigns. Moreover, you are familiar with the products and formats that best align with your client and campaign objectives. This enables you to exceed expectations repeatedly with each campaign goal. By earning this certificate, the DPG Media portfolio holds no secrets for you. You master various purchasing options and possess in-depth knowledge of available formats and benchmarks.

2. Datalab

As a Datalab Certified Professional, you become the expert in the self-service data platform, Datalab, by DPG Media. You are well-versed in all core functionalities of the platform and adept at making them applicable. Your proficiency lies in efficiently utilizing DPG Media's first-party data, seamlessly establishing a relevant targeting strategy in a world without third-party cookies. Leveraging advertiser CRM data, including look-alike deployment, is second nature to you.

3. Ad Manager

Through the Ad Manager Certified Professional training program, you gain a comprehensive understanding of all Ad Manager capabilities. Learn how to set up targeted and advanced campaigns within minutes and connect relevant audience targeting. With full mastery of all optimization and targeting options, you achieve maximum results for every campaign objective.

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