Display advertising

Display advertising is a form of online advertising in various banner formats in different positions within the network of DPG Media. Via desktop, laptop, tablet and/or mobile, widely used, or very specific to a particular target group.

The benefits of display

  • Good measurability and possibility to optimise in the meantime
  • Advertising on multiple websites simultaneously, using standardised formats
  • Targeted advertising and approaching website visitors again with retargeting

Contextual targeting

Contextual targeting enables 'cookieless targeting'. The ideal opportunity to tailor your advertisement even better to specific context. As a result, the traffic you receive from these banners is of high quality.

Increase your visibility

You can see display advertising as the digital version of billboards you see along the highway, an ad in a newspaper or a commercial on television. In all cases you pay the owner of the advertising space.

Advertising with great effect

In addition to the standard IAB formats, DPG Media develops its own display formats that are unique and offer a better user experience, by allowing the formats to blend seamlessly into the editorial environment. This creates striking formats that are more attractive to the user, and more effective for the advertiser.

Homepage take over

All ad positions on the homepage are for 24 hours from one advertiser. In other words, 100% attention from a huge audience. The ideal way to communicate your current message briefly and impressively.

Mobile interscroller

The Interscroller is a combination of two popular high impact formats; the interstitial and the scroller ad. An opening in the content makes it possible to see the ad when the user scrolls. A format with which you can surprise the end user.

Halfpage ad

A combination of a long (rectangle) and wide (skyscraper) banner. Visible above the fold of the page and therefore always in view. Create optimal reach and visibility in a short time with an impactful expression.

Native post

The ultimate way to connect your message to the consumer's experience. The Native Post is automatically formatted in the style of the title on which it is served. Ideal for valuable click-outs towards your website.