Zo Zit Dat


Zo Zit Dat: The Netherlands’ best trivia magazine

Zo Zit Dat is the Dutch magazine for boys and girls aged 8 to 13. The magazine challenges children to stay curious and to discover things themselves. The magazine attracts a broad target group thanks to its baffling photographs, cool brainteasers, puzzles and funny comics. 

Zo Zit Dat is the magazine for curious boys and girls from ages 8 to 13. Zo Zit Dat is a strong brand that’s been around for 26 years, and with a high readability factor for the entire family. The magazine appears every 4 weeks and is packed full of astonishing science and amazing pictures.

Zo Zit Dat offers relaxations, arouses curiosity, fascinates, and makes readers feel smarter. Not only that, but Zo Zit Dat provides the tools its target group needs to discover the world and understand it better.

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