Donald Duck

donald duck

The biggest family, kids and men's brand in the Netherlands

For more than 67 years, four generations have been reading the fun-filled adventures of Donald, Daisy, Uncle Scrooge, the nephews, Gyro Gearloose, and all the other Duckburg residents and everyone has their own beautiful, funny and often educational memories. And just like their parents used to (and still do), today’s children continue to enjoy the wonderful world of Donald Duck.

The strength of its more than 67-year existence lies mainly in the timeless characters, the layered humour and the very appealing stories. Donald Duck is just like a normal person, someone a bit unlucky that everyone can identify with. Someone who has to take care of three children, can barely keep his job and pay the rent, and who’s girlfriend is constantly threatening to run off with Gladstone Gander, his biggest rival. And to make matters worse, he also has a very rich uncle who never gives him a penny. And yes, the strength of the brand is also in our strong campaigns. Ones in which we always try to be distinctive and encourage a good response from our consumers.

As well as Donald Duck, the entire portfolio consists of the Donald Duck Junior, Donald Duck Extra, and Daisy Duck magazines. We also publish many Donald Duck pockets, albums and specials.

Of course, the Donald Duck weekly comic also has a strong presence in the online world. As well as the regular social media channels, you can always talk to Donald Duck via voice-action!

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