Video ads allow you to show your videos in and around editorial articles within the online network of DPG Media. It increases the reach of your video campaign and makes it possible to take advantage of the quality of editorial content.

The benefits of video

  • Not bound to video channels
  • Good addition to TV campaigns
  • Reach people who were not actively looking for video content

Outstream video

The 1x1 Outstream Video is impactful and user-friendly and plays muted between the content, with the sound user-initiated via tap or mouse-over. The last frame remains visible and is clickable to the landing page of the advertiser.

Vertical video

Vertical video in-article for unmissable impact. Outstream video to convey your story.


A "commercial" article written by a freelance editor or an editor employed by the advertising department. The story is presented in article format using this advertising method and begins with a video combined with text.

Video dossier

A Video dossier is a series of Videotorials from the same advertiser. A Video Dossier contains a minimum of seven videotorials. The videos refer to each other so the user can continue watching after viewing one video.

Forms of purchase

Once you know where and how you want to advertise, you can purchase your advertising space in several ways.

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