Nationwide advertising on our digital platforms

Discover digital advertising within our Trusted Web of quality brands. Effortlessly reach your target audience with first-party data. Discover our campaign options: display, video, audio, branded content, seamless ads.

Our possibilities

1. Display

More than anything, we claim quality with our strong digital platforms. The drivers for this quality claim are brand safety (based on a continuous improvement process), viewability and first-party data.

Moreover, our brands offer an absolute guarantee of a broad reach. It is just this combination of quality and reach that allows us to guarantee our advertisers optimal digital impact through display advertising.

2. Video

'What are we watching tonight' no longer appears to be the key question. In our daily lives we are inundated with video. From news articles to shuffle dances on social media. At DPG Media we guarantee brand safe video content on our news sites, but also on VTM GO. Video ads are extremely suitable in the branding phase, but thanks to interactivity can also be used in the activation phase!

3. Audio

Many people listen digitally. To the radio, of course, but also to stories, music and engaging conversations. In addition to the flagship stations Q Music, Joe and Willy, DPG Media offers some twenty digital stations with a wide range of musical flavours. And as for podcasts? Team Audionize is going to work on providing daily and weekly podcast series.

4. Social

Social advertising is booming business, but it's not just limited to social networks. It is perfectly possible to extend your posts, stories and/or advertisements to a local, reliable and brand-safe publisher environment. This ensures that you can generate extra reach compared to social networks and in this way tap into a new, different target group.

We are also fully committed to this development at DPG Media. We guarantee quality, results and maximizing your digital impact. Moreover, because you can reuse existing material from your own social channels or we can compile the material completely for you, it also becomes a piece of cake.

Basic of Programmatic

You can use each of our above types of digital advertising in a classic way or you can choose to use it intelligently. For the latter you opt for our Programmatic approach.

Programmatic advertising allows you to automatically purchase your advertisements on our sites at an optimal price. Because each delivered impression is easy to chart, you obtain clear insights into the customer journey and collect a large amount of data in real time for the duration of your advertisements.

This enables you to adjust your campaign quickly and efficiently, hence gives you full control over each targeting setup and additional set of settings.

All practical information at a glance

Discover all the different rates, formats and delivery specifications for our digital products.
You will find all our digital advertising terms and conditions collected here in our digital charter.

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Digital advertising guarantees a strong impact.

Online advertising has many advantages over other forms of advertising. This way of advertising is very cost-effective (get more customers or contacts with less money) because it can be fine-tuned. In addition, you can bet widely on different platforms and it shows itself very flexible because you can easily adjust things while the campaign is already running.

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