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Digital advertising?

Always a good idea.

Through our digital platforms we reach 1.6 million users every day, at any time of the day. Our digital brands are therefore the medium of choice for a measurable full funnel approach. By advertising online, you reach your target audience in a highly targeted way via the DPG Media online network. The result? More visitors to your website and a positive impact on your turnover.

At DPG Media we want to be your partner, both on a national and a regional level. By making smart use of our media channels, you come into direct contact with your local target group - online and offline.

1. Digital (tabloids) We reach more than 1.6 million Flemish people every day via our digital platforms. Local news is one of our strengths, online as well as in print. On every municipality in Flanders has its own news page. If you want to know what's going on in your neighbourhood, is the place to be, day after day. Geotargeting also makes it easy to advertise regionally on all our digital platforms.

2. Addressable TV

This form of audience buying abandons the classic contextual or channel buying and reaches your target group at the moment they are active. Based on your province, region or postal code you can compose your own target group.

3. Radio

Our national radio stations can also count on a cast-iron listening range in the region. You can find a relevant and competitive regional offer on our stations. We also include the production of your spot.

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You will find all our digital advertising terms and conditions collected here in our digital charter.

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Digital advertising guarantees a strong impact.

Online advertising has many advantages over other forms of advertising. This way of advertising is very cost-effective (get more customers or contacts with less money) because it can be fine-tuned. In addition, you can bet widely on different platforms and it shows itself very flexible because you can easily adjust things while the campaign is already running.

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All practical information at a glance