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Find the perfect mix in our offer here between who you want to reach, where your target group is located, which brand and channel gives you the most value for money.

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At DPG Media, we keep readers, listeners, viewers and surfers informed of the latest news, at any time of the day, today rather than tomorrow. With a 'Goed Gevoel', we bring colour to their day, every day. Our brands connect people, more than ever.
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De Volkskrant
Independer Nederland
Het Parool
Tweakers Nederland
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The media landscape is changing fast. How do you deal with this as an advertiser? How do you hold the attention of the reader, viewer and surfer? And how do our media brands complement your marketing and communication plans? You will discover all about it here. Get inspired by our white papers and blogs, come and network at one of our events, follow a webinar and discover everything about our commercial approach in the DPG Media Guide.

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Inform, entertain, inspire and connect: at DPG Media, we know better than anyone what great content can do to people. With a strong vision, anchored in three countries, we leave our mark on the media landscape. In us, you will find a reliable partner to successfully roll out your media plans. AD>Homepage>Plugin

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DPG Media is so much more than television, newspaper articles and online clicks. Discover our value-adding services and what they can do for your brand and company.