JOE Netherlands

JOE Netherlands

The Netherlands

Good times, great music

JOE is there for those in their forties and beyond. For everyone who approaches life with a positive mindset. For those who are curious and want to be challenged to say yes to new opportunities, because they can, not because they have to.

Forty is the beginning of something wonderful. You're actively engaged in life, busy with work, and have things reasonably under control. You know what you want and no longer need to prove yourself. With joy, you make renewed and well-considered choices, seeking genuine happiness. Children are all around you, whether they're your own or from friends and family. You prioritize what matters to you and make more time for yourself, enjoying what life has to offer without pretense.

With all these experiences under our belt, we fully embrace the present; we live for today, and when we look back, we do so with a smile. Timeless and recognizable hits, interspersed with touching and memorable entertainment. That's Joe, Joe that surprises with both big and small things. And in that, we always go the extra (s)mile.

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