Qmusic brings pleasure, energy and a good feeling into every day life. Every day we focus on the listener, because without them there is no Q. That is why we say: 'Q Sounds Better With You!'

The radio brand also organizes many actions where listeners can experience their favorite radio brand such as the Foute Party and the Q-Beach House. Since 2015 Qmusic has put its shoulders under Red Nose Day.

Michael Dujardin - Channel Manager Qmusic: “Qmusic's philosophy lays in its baseline: 'Q sounds better with you'. The DJs and the team constantly bring this promise to life and are always putting the listeners first. Qmusic connects, inspires and mobilises Flanders with relevant programmes, authentic personalities and high-profile actions that go straight to the heart of our one and a half million listeners.”

Qmusic team
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Qmusic is part of the broad brand portfolio of DPG Media and can proudly call itself one of the largest radio stations in Flanders.

Q-logo at Q-Beach House