Digital Charter

Toute information sur notre charte numérique et notre vision envers la confidentialité, tracking et la sécurité de marque.

1. Systems and Tools


DPG Media provides a direct way of purchasing display, online video and digital audio. We work with the following Ad servers for this:

  • Display: Xandr

  • Instream video: FreeWheel

  • Outstream video: Xandr

  • Digital audio: Adswizz (streaming) & Triton Digital (podcast)


DPG Media provides a programmatic offering in display, online video and digital audio. For this we work with the following SSP:

  • Display: Xandr

  • Instream video: FreeWheel

  • Outstream video: Xandr

  • Digital audio: Adswizz


DPG Media facilitates a data-driven approach by using our own in-house platform called ‘ADS’ (Advertising Data Service) as a Data Management Platform. This platform is managed and operated by the ADdata team. Through this platform we collect and orchestrate the data to build and manage all types of audience segments. In the background Cxense is also still active but on a track to be phased out.

It is also possible to build custom audience segments via Datalab. Datalab is also available for agencies and advertisers.

2. Brand Safety

DPG Media = Brand Safe

  • Depending on the website, between 98% and 99% of the traffic on DPG Media sites is valid.

  • 100% human traffic is technically impossible.

  • DPG Media is therefore a safe partner.

DPG Media's digital platforms are an advertising-safe environment. Placing advertisements around ad-unsafe news is undesirable for either the advertiser or our brands. All content that falls within advertising-unsafe categories or that deals with human suffering will automatically be closed for advertising. 100% accuracy could sometimes be difficult in a rapidly changing digital world, but our ambition is a absolute advertising security. This is done through the use of the GARM framework.

Via our own machine learning algorithm we automatically analyse and label all content (Articles & SF video) and apply a label ranging from medium to low to none. Everything that falls into the medium category, which includes for example live coverage of dramatic events (war, disasters, accidents) will automatically be excluded for both display & SF video ads.In Freewheel they are added in to the no_ads_group while in Xandr they are part of an Order. You can find the list of subjects here below:

GARM Content Categories

  • Adult & Explicit Sexual Content

  • Arms & Ammunition

  • Crime & Harmful acts to individuals and Society, Human Right Violations

  • Death, Injury or Military Conflict

  • Online piracy

  • Hate speech & acts of aggression

  • Obscenity and Profanity, including language, gestures, and explicitly gory, graphic or repulsive content intended to shock and disgust

  • Illegal Drugs/Tobacco/ecigarettes/Vaping/Alcohol 

  • Spam or Harmful Content

  • Terrorism

  • Debated Sensitive Social Issue

Brand Suitability

It is also possible for advertisers to finetune their brand safety specifications even more. This is what we call brand suitability. In this case advertisers can decide for each content category individually whether they want to exclude the content labelled as ‘low’ as well further removing any risks of brand safety or brand suitability.

3. Tracking 

With the exception of the collection of the metadata listed below, it is expressly NOT allowed for an agency/advertiser to collect information via cookies, scripts or in any other way. Nor to store information or gain access to the peripherals of users of the websites or apps from DPG Media.

It is also not allowed – without prior permission from DPG Media – to:

  • - collect information for the purposes of retargeting, audience targeting and behavioural targeting.

  • - collect information about user behaviour on DPG Media's websites or apps.

  • - collect information related to brand safety.

Advertisers have permission to collect only the following anonymous metadata via cookies, scripts or otherwise:


  • How often the ad has been viewed (views)

  • The number of clicks

  • Used screen resolution

  • Used browser

  • Used operating system

  • Viewability

Online video

  • How often someone starts watching the video ad (impression)

  • How much of the video ad the viewer saw (25%, 50%, 75%, 100% = full view)

  • The number of clicks with the following additional data

  • Used screen resolution

  • Used browser

  • Used operating system

Digital audio

  • How many times someone has listened to the audio ad in full (impression)

  • How much of the audio ad the user has listened to (25%, 50%, 75%, 100% = full impression)

For specific use cases/campaigns it is possible for DPG media to collect users or count conversions from an advertiser through a pixel for retargeting purposes or attribution. This is only done with the consent of the advertiser and after having a signed Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) between both parties. Afterwards a Xandr pixel is shared with the advertisers that has to be implemented on their website.

4. Campaign Management

4.1 Reservation, changes & cancellation


You can reserve an advertisement at any time. But always have to take into account the availability of our product and respect the reservation deadlines as stated on the site. As soon as you have requested online impressions for one of your products or services, you will receive an order confirmation in the form of an order form. 

You must return this signed for approval to DPG Media no later than 3 working days before the start date of the order confirmation/contract. If we have not received a signature by then, the impressions are no longer guaranteed. A booking is only valid when we have received a signed order form – fully completed – including the contact details of the contact person for the material.


Changes to campaign period can be communicated up to 3 working days before the start date. Changes to product type/format or special placements are only possible with the approval of the Account Manager of DPG Media and at the latest 3 working days before the start date.

Campaign cancellation 

A campaign can only be cancelled after agreement of the DPG Account manager, in which case the following rules apply. 

  • Between 4 and 2 working days before the start date, 50% of the budget will be invoiced.

  • Within 2 working days before the start date, 100% of the budget will be invoiced.

Option policy

Options must be confirmed at least 3 working days before the reserved campaign start date.

Options remain valid for 10 business days, and may only be extended once for an additional period of 10 business days. An option can be taken up to 12 months before the publication date.

DPG Media reserves the right in all cases to determine whether or not an option may be granted, depending on the available space, among other things.

A signed receipt for one of our products on which an option has already been taken gives the first option taker the time to confirm his option. The time limit for this is 48 hours. If the first option is not confirmed, the new order can go ahead.

If an option is not confirmed in time, DPG Media cannot guarantee the date of publication or start date, nor can it provide a (preferred) placement.

4.2 Material delivery conditions

All material for digital advertising campaigns should be delivered at least 3 working days before the start date.

If this deadline is not respected the start date will no longer be guaranteed which means that your campaign could possibly start with a delay, this without prior notice. Consequently, the complete delivery of the number of impressions or views before the anticipated end date can also no longer be guaranteed. Due to the nature of the delay, this cannot constitute a basis for compensation. 

4.3 Reporting

At the end of a campaign, we provide you with a digital report of the campaign. In order to do this we have built our own custom campaign dashboard

The sources of our reporting depend on the chosen product.

  • Source Display: Xandr

  • Source Xtra Social: Xandr 

  • Source Online Video: FreeWheel

  • Source Digital Audio: Adswizz (streaming) & Triton Digital (podcast) 

4.4 Complaints and compensations


If the booked number of impressions, clicks or views are not achieved during the predetermined period, and the cause of this lies with DPG Media, DPG Media will do everything in its power to deliver the campaign as quickly as possible by means of extension.

Campaigns with an underdelivery lower than 10% will be extended after consultation. For campaigns with an underdelivery higher than 10%, compensation will be made in consultation with the advertiser. We provide a compensation of 10% on top of the booked number of impressions for display, social, online video and online audio.

The DPG Media ad server is the benchmark for the number of impressions delivered. A 10% discrepancy with other ad servers is possible and will not be taken into account as an underdelivery. In case of a larger discrepancy, compensation will be provided. For this, the difference between the allowed discrepancy of 10% and the advertiser's measured discrepancy is calculated. This number of impressions (discrepancy) will be re-delivered.

No offsets are allowed for campaigns purchased on a CPC basis. In case of underdelivery, this will be rectified in the invoicing and therefore only the delivered clicks will be invoiced. 

A UD of <5% is within the allowed range and will not be offset or corrected.

Granting compensation

Compensation can in no way be claimed if:

  • an option was not confirmed in time

  • the deadline for material delivery was not met

  • no official order form was signed

  • the order form is ambiguous or unclear

  • an insertion has not or not correctly appeared due to force majeure or due to an error that cannot be recovered from DPG Media

  • Because 100% human traffic is not technically possible and takes place outside our control, we do not compensate based on Ad Fraud measurements.

  • Measurement differences are no reason for compensation. DPG Media is based on general results from Xandr, Freewheel and Triton Digital and Adswizz (see underdelivery) 

An offset must be recorded with the same format, in the same position, within the same network. If this is not possible the compensation must be converted to the corresponding gross amount, after which this amount can be booked again.

Compensations must always be taken within the same calendar year. Compensations never take precedence over paying insertions.

Compensations from direct purchases cannot be included in programmatic.