News City will be based in Antwerp as of autumn 2019

News City, where the various editorial offices of de Persgroep Publishing and MEDIALAAN press group will be working together, will be based in Antwerp, as announced earlier today (Thursday 17 May 2018). News City will therefore literally incorporate the editorial offices of publications such as Het Laatste Nieuws,, De Morgen, HUMO, Dag Allemaal, and VTM NIEUWS under one roof. The VTM NIEUWS editorial offices and studio are also moving from Vilvoorde to Antwerp, in a relocation planned for the autumn of 2019. 

Paul Daenen, director of news, says: ‘We expressed our ambition some time ago to have all editorial offices operating in one location. We are pleased to announce that the option of Antwerp can now go ahead.’ 

VTM NIEUWS will therefore be broadcast from Antwerp after the relocation. Kris Hoflack, director of news, says: ‘It’s a logical step for us to move the VTM NIEUWS studio to Antwerp as well so that all news editorial offices are housed in one location. This means that all our offices, each with their own identity, are directly connected to each other. We are looking at providing a set in Vilvoorde for urgent operations, but, as of autumn 2019, regular broadcasts will be based in our studio in Antwerp.

The new building in Antwerp is still under construction. Completion is expected for the autumn of 2019, and the relocation will take place after that. All together, about 400 people will be working in News City, including journalists, chief editors, technicians, lay-out workers, and producers. 

Kurt Minnen, managing editor of news, says: ‘The new building in Antwerp will literally be a house full of journalistic talent. News City has the ambition to set the standard for news in Flanders, in text and video and on any other carrier, from television over print and online to radio.’ 

The new building, which will also be the headquarters of De Persgroep, is located in Kievitplein in Antwerp. It will be the front cover of the new station area of Antwerp Central Station. With this new building, De Persgroep is creating an open and flexible working environment, which blends in perfectly with the current housing area and will keep the district alive 24/7. The new building was designed by the Crepain Binst Architecture nv firm of architects.