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Qmusic brings pleasure, energy and a good feeling into every day life. Every day we focus on the listener, because without them there is no Q. That is why we say: 'Q Sounds Better With You!'

The radio brand also organizes many actions where listeners can experience their favorite radio brand such as the Foute Party and the Q-Beach House. Since 2015 Qmusic has put its shoulders under Red Nose Day.

Qmusic België

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Qmusic The Netherlands

‘Q sounds better with you’ is Qmusic’s philosophy. The ‘You’ stands for our listeners, the people for whom we make radio and video productions day in and out. Listeners inspire Qmusic with their stories and wishes. By listening carefully to them and staying in touch, Qmusic knows how to inspire and motivate them 365 days a year. Providing them with fun, energy and a good feeling. ‘You’ also stands for our partners, advertisers and media agencies. Qmusic is always looking to take those collaborations one step further. 

Qmusic aims to offer pleasure, energy and a good feeling. And that’s exactly what our readers appreciate. In March and April, our station became the market leader and has been holding on to that position ever since.

Mattie & Marieke

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