Working at DPG Media




Working at DPG Media

Are you ready for the job of your life?

DPG Media has a passion for people. Every day, ambitious editors, researchers, sales people, IT experts and marketers have the opportunity to help build our strong brands.

Our colleagues are all bitten by the creativity and constant innovation occurring in the media sector. We foster an environment where everything evolves non-stop, where no week is the same, and where the "desire" to go on is stimulated every day. We all share the drive to make a difference.

Who are your colleagues in Belgium?

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Who are you colleagues in The Netherlands?

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Go behind-the-scenes of DPG Media IT

We’re a tech company in disguise. On the surface, we are the name behind more than 90 strong brands like Qmusic,, Tweakers, Libelle, VTM, and many more. But in reality, we fuel our entire business ant its success with technology.

Has ‘digital transformation’ become a meaningless buzzword? Not here, not at DPG Media. To us, digital transformation is what we do every single day. It’s all-encompassing: from how we serve content daily through websites and applications to millions of readers, viewers, and listeners to how we continually boost results for advertisers.

We invest heavily in your personal and professional growth because our tech team shapes the future of media, inside out, front to back. They directly impact revenue with innovative digital products, advance editorial teams and marketeers through tools, and provide a modern, digital workspace that’s always available everywhere. Our tech team gets digital transformation done. You too?