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We’re a media company with tech in our DNA: technology plays a vital role in realising our ambitions and dreams.

We get digital transformation done

Has ‘digital transformation’ become a meaningless buzzword? Not here, not at DPG Media. To us, it is what we do every single day. It’s all-encompassing: from how we serve content daily through websites and applications to millions of readers, viewers, and listeners to how we continuously boost results for advertisers.

We invest heavily in your personal and professional growth, because our tech team shapes the future of media, inside out, front to back. IT directly impacts revenue through digital products, our tools advance the work of editorial teams and marketeers, and it is tech that provides a modern, digital workspace that’s always available everywhere. IT gets digital transformation done. You too?

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We invest in your personal and professional growth.

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We work with cutting-edge technology. And of course, we expect you to work with our current tech stack, but we’re always open to trying new tools if there’s something better out there.

Here are some of the techniques, languages, platforms, and software stacks that we currently use:


Attribute Driven Design | Test Driven Design | Domain-Driven Design | Pair Programming & Mob Programming | CI/CD | IaC | SecDevOps Practice | Chaos Engineering | Data Mesh | Serverless


Kotlin | Swift | React | Java |  Python | Node | TypeScript

What we’re working on

Over 700 developers, business analysts, product owners, Scrum Masters, and more, we work together in 3 different countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark. With such a large tech team and continuous deployments, we release features and fix bugs faster than we can blog. But, we do love sharing our first-hand - and first-class - expertise with you through articles.

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Culture code

There’s no actual code that dictates our culture. We all create our culture (and most of us create code too). We have a flat structure nourished by respect, transparency, and feedback. We work agile and stimulate cross-team collaboration and knowledge sharing. 

Our default is trust. We trust you to ask questions, to solve problems, to take ownership. We treasure freedom, from choosing your device to choosing your path. You have the freedom to be an entrepreneur, an apprentice, a team player, and, of course, to be you. That’s how we get digital transformation done.

Work in tech

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