Behind the scenes

Are the walls of the showbiz editorial office really covered in glitz and glamour and what do all those people do all day, diligently strumming away on their keyboards? Our people give you a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes at DPG Media.

Behind the Scenes

As the leading media group in the Netherlands, you will be working in a world where we are focused on what our audience and customers need, 24/7. At DPG Media, you will work on fast and reliable news, surprising stories, a guide in complicated matters, music to keep going. Behind every strong media brand is a peloton of strong teams. Colleagues who use their drive and passion to use their talent to make small ideas grow into big successes. From creative profile to tech wizard, our achievements are built on cooperation, daring to think digitally and excelling in craftsmanship.

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Name: Merel van Groningen
Job Title: Digital Producer Branded Content
Department: Digital Campaign Services, Content & Creation

"I once started as a flexpooler with this team, then still team Branded Content. My team manager saw potential in me and so I had a great job straight after graduating! Your goals are discussed in detail and there are plenty of growth opportunities if you are looking for more. Not to mention a 36-hour week. Didn't know I would like that so much. Wouldn't give that up for anything now."


Name: Lotte de Ridder
Job Title: Product Specialist / Digital Producer
Department: Digital Campaign Services / Content & Creation

"Because of all the different branches and titles within DPG, it remains a diverse company that continuously responds to changes in the media landscape and the news world. I find it very cool to be part of this. DPG Media offers me the opportunity to work with many different organisations and companies, from famous brands to the baker around the corner. That makes it so much fun! In addition, there is always room to develop myself further and I find that very important."