Your application

Seen a vacancy or just really want to work for DPG Media? Great, we would love to see your talent. Find out more about the application process and get clear answers to the questions you might be asking yourself. How the application process works

Step 1: Send us your application

Seen an interesting job online or heard about a job at DPG Media? Send us your application quickly. Through our online application module you can apply for a specific vacancy. Here you can upload your resume and motivation letter.

Step 2: The screening

You will receive a confirmation email, so you know that your resume and motivation letter are in good hands. We need some time to look at your resume and motivation letter with the necessary attention. We will contact you within two weeks if your application meets the requirements of the job.

Step 3: First acquaintance

On paper things seem to work out between you and the new job, time to see if this is also true in real life. In this first interview our recruiter likes to get to know the person behind the resume. We check if your personality matches our company culture and we go deeper into your experience and expertise, your ambitions and where you get energy. During this interview there is also room for questions from your side.

Step 4: Second interview

If there was enthusiasm on both sides of the table, a second interview with the team manager follows. Your future manager sits at the table with you to assess whether you fit in with the team. During this interview we look in more detail at whether your substantive competencies are up to scratch so that you can get started.

Depending on the position you are applying for, we will invite you to take additional tests. This may involve an assessment or a concrete case in which you can prove specific skills for the job. Furthermore, we can also invite you for a team check to make sure that it will click between you and your future colleagues.

Step 5: Congratulations on your new job

If you are the ideal candidate to start working for DPG Media with full dedication, then it is time to put everything on paper. We are happy to make you a contract proposal. We will discuss this package over the phone and put it in an email afterwards. Be sure to take the time to go through it calmly, ask any questions you may have and we will hopefully get your approval.

Step 6: Welcome colleague

We draw up your contract and invite you to sign it. You are all set for your first working day at DPG Media. We will provide you with a warm welcome and an onboarding program in which you will get to know our company better.

Check out the FAQ here with a lot of answers to your questions