What we offer you

Of course we offer you a challenging job and friendly colleagues, but we also make the other conditions as interesting as possible: from a package of fringe benefits and a tailored mobility proposal to training and work-life balance.

Media vibes at work

Creative solutions to complex problems and working with many different teams: working at DPG Media is challenging every day. We can only achieve this thanks to teamwork and a great work atmosphere. From the inspiring chat at the coffee machine, to the inviting design of our buildings to the legendary staff parties: the media vibes are everywhere.

Opportunities to keep growing

DPG Media's strategy focuses on digital acceleration and how we ensure that we stay ahead as a leading media company. For that, your talents, knowledge and skills are also crucial. So we give you every opportunity to continue to grow, so you can keep a grip on your future. The 'Academy by DPG Media' and journalism Campus give you ownership of your development. Content and training courses are chosen in consultation with your manager. When and how you take them is up to you. In addition, an open discussion about internal mobility is possible: do you want to continue to grow in what you do and get promoted or do you want to do something completely different within the organisation? That is all possible.

Lees hoe onze collega's stappen maken binnen DPG Media

Together for fewer kilometres of traffic jams

With an extensive mobility plan we help you to move forward more smoothly and together we make sure that traffic around our locations runs more smoothly too. In the DPG Media mobility plan you choose how much public transport and how much travel by car is optimal for your home-work situation. This way we work together to reduce the number of traffic jams. Our Mobility Team has put together four packages from which you can choose à la carte depending on your situation.

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Work and private life in balance

Chances are that you are a person with spirit and passion, in work but also in your private life. That is why we like to give you breathing space by enabling flexible working. Regularly working from home to avoid traffic jams, starting earlier or stopping just in time to give the children, your friends or sick grandmother some extra attention: at DPG Media your work-life balance is negotiable. We sometimes ask a lot from you, so we also want to give a lot so that you can better coordinate your private life with your work.

A lot of extras

Extralegal benefits ensure that we can put together a competitive salary package that is tailored to your experience and competences. Curious about what options are available? Benefits that we can discuss during your recruitment at DPG Media include:

  • Meal vouchers

  • Eco vouchers

  • Group and hospitalisation insurance

  • Voucher to buy a cell phone

  • Cell phone subscription

  • Newspaper subscription (digital or print) to help monitor quality

  • Tailor-made mobility package

  • Attractive number of vacations

Curious to see how our colleagues experience this?

To show you that these are not empty words, here are some quotes from our colleagues

They don't organize such a party at any other company. I proudly tell everyone about it: this is DPG Media!

Review by a colleague about Meet me at Sunset Blvd., the employee party of DPG Media 2023

I usually start the day taking care of my little son and start a little later, but also work longer in the evening. Some of my colleagues just start very early, so there is always someone available.

Stijn Crevits
Security Engineer