This is DPG Media

What we offer you

At DPG Media, we look beyond your CV. Feel free to be an entrepreneur, student and team player with us, and above all to be yourself. Everyone is welcome here. We offer you a professional working environment where we value freedom very highly.
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Terms of employment

We follow the Collective Labour Agreement for the Publishing Sector. We offer a salary that matches the nature of the work, appropriate for age and work experience. Our terms of employment include salary, a 12% budget, profit sharing, travel expenses or - depending on your position - a lease car or mobility budget and a pension scheme

A life-long career of learning

From a course on SEO copywriting to persuasive presentation, and from setting up an A/B test to creating narrative podcasts: with the Academy and Campus platform, we have all kinds of in-house training. 

Academy by DPG Media offers programmes that are accessible to all employees within DPG Media. The focus is on digital training, personal skills, leadership and profession-specific training. There is a range of learning formats: from writing articles, making videos and TED talks to short online training and on-site courses. 

The Campus is the centre for journalistic development within DPG Media. Journalists and media makers from the Belgian and Dutch news brands receive training that helps them to stay updated in their profession. There are interesting programmes for all our people, but also exclusive content for the media makers of our editorial staffs.

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More than just work

With us, there is also enough room for fun. Young DPG - an initiative of our own employees, young and "old" - aims to make working at DPG Media even more fun. Young DPG organises all kinds of activities outside the regular working days. From drinks to sports days and from workshops to presentations. By participating in the activities of Young DPG, you also get to know colleagues from different departments.


Retirement may sound a long way off and perhaps you’re not inclined to think about it too much yet. Then DPG Media is the right partner for you; we do think about your pension. Because, of course, it is a postponed salary and therefore very important. At DPG Media your pension is well taken care of. That is one less worry.

Flexwork allowance

We provide well-equipped offices where you can always work. In addition, we ensure that you have the tools to work ergonomically where and when you want (laptop, mouse, keyboard and ergonomic laptop stand). On a 'remote working day' (not at the office) you will receive a flexi work allowance.


DPG Media offers all her employees the possibility to share in the success of the whole organisation. Depending on the company's results each year there is a possibility that you will receive a bonus.

Choice budget

We like to give you freedom in choosing certain conditions of employment. This is in regard to 12% of your gross annual salary. For example, you can choose to receive your holiday allowance monthly or annually, or to buy or sell additional holidays. You can also choose to make use of fiscally interesting schemes, for example to study, play sports, buy a bicycle, save for an extra pension or take out extra insurance.

Travel expenses

We encourage travelling by public transport; under certain conditions you are eligible for an NS business card. If you travel to the office and live more than 5 kilometres from your place of work, you will receive an allowance for your travel costs.  Depending on your position, you may be eligible for a lease car or a mobility budget.