vtwonen - for women interested in everything to do with moving, renovating, and anything to do with interior design. We preselect interiors from the vast range on offer and showcase inspiring possibilities. Allowing our fans to discover what style fits them. And exactly which living environment suits their way of life.

vtwonen stands for a personal mix-and-match living style. Always working with sober, simple and timeless basics, combined with the latest living styles. That’s how we help people continuously change their homes, keeping their interior current and contemporary. And always according to the latest trends. Keeping pace with your own developing personality and allowing your home to constantly evolve. Just like you!


  • is the leading living brand in the Netherlands and Belgium

  • is current

  • tells you all about the latest living trends

  • knows how to be inspired by the vast range on offer

  • is a curator of taste

  • knows how to translate these trends to a large audience—through all its channels

  • knows how to inspire fans, inform them, and move them to act

vtwonen means coming home!

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vtwonen is part of the broad brand portfolio of DPG Media and is considered thé home magazine that combines different living styles in Flanders and The Netherlands.