From family channel to a family of channels: VTM is expanding with VTM 2, VTM 3 and VTM 4 as of the autumn

On Monday, 31 August 2020, VTM will transform from a family channel into a family of channels.

Dirk Lodewyckx, General Director TV, Streaming and Radio: “We currently have a very strong brand with VTM, with great creative content and a huge fandom in Flanders. We are broadening the unique bond that VTM has with the Flemish population, and are turning our family channel into a family of channels, with which we can appeal to all target groups. This is major milestone for VTM. From the start of Ka2 in 1995, we opted to differentiate our range alongside VTM, with own names and brands. This is now being redesigned. As of 31 August, it will be VTM, VTM 2, VTM 3 and VTM 4."

VTM 2 will be a punchy reality channel, with local and international content. While VTM is more of a broad family channel for the whole family, the focus of VTM 2 is on active adults.

VTM 2 follows extraordinary people and leaves nothing off-limits, even when it’s unusual and different. Programmes such as ‘Married at First Sight Australia’ or ‘Ik vertrek’, as well as a fixed appointment with the Champions League, will give you a first glimpse of VTM 2. More news about the new local VTM 2 programmes will follow soon.

VTM 3 aims to be the preferred movie channel in Flanders, supplemented with many strong series and sitcoms. VTM 3 promises viewers a movie every day - ranging from comedy and drama, up to arthouse or sci-fi - such as Star Wars, Girl and Deadpool, supplemented with series and sitcoms.

VTM 4 is the channel for those who like to watch a bit of solid action or nostalgic classics - such as James Bond, Rambo or Top Gear. The new VTM channels will obviously not start from scratch, because there are many programmes across all the DPG Media TV channels that people like to watch. But there will be a more targeted choice of what can be seen on each channel, and there will be additional investment in local VTM 2 programmes.

Dirk Lodewyckx: “This new channel strategy will also ensure additional investment in local programmes. For VTM 2 of course, but we are now also producing additional content for our VTM GO digital platforms, and soon also for the new paying streaming platform. We believe that providing the local production sector with additional oxygen is an important signal, especially in corona times.”

Kristine Willems, former Head of Factual at DPG Media, will start as the channel manager for the new channels. Maarten Janssen is VTM’s channel manager.

This new channel strategy will also ensure additional investment in local programmes. For VTM 2 of course, but we are now also producing additional content for our VTM GO digital platforms

Dirk Lodewyckx

VTM will again colour your day

The iconic baseline, which was launched at the start of VTM in 1989, is returning. Dirk Lodewyckx: “Kleurt je dag” never actually disappeared as a slogan. It’s part of the Flemish heritage, in a way. With the creative and quality adaptations we have implemented at VTM in recent years, we believe that we are fulfilling this promise more than ever.

Wilfried Celis, Business & Development Director: “The rebranding and the additional content investments make our linear TV and AVOD offer stronger than ever. Placing the consumer at the centre is the aim of every advertiser's strategy, and this is also the case for DPG Media. Now more than ever, we will be able to provide service to every one of our target groups, be it online or linear.”

VTM 2, VTM 3 and VTM 4 will be launched on Monday, 31 August 2020, and will take over the signal from the current Q2 (VTM 2), Vitaya (VTM 3) and CAZ (VTM 4) TV channels.