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Record-breaking profit for Berlingske Media

Denmark is in the throes of a rare pandemic that is affecting everyone and everything. As a result, 2020 is proving much more problematic than 2019. Berlingske Media faces the situation as a very robust media company.

The forecasts for 2020 are more problematic. Covid-19 has left an indelible mark on advertising sales, and we have therefore adjusted our costs in order to steer our free, conservative media group safely through the crisis. At the end of last year, we broke records for numbers of users and page views on all our news sites. In 2020, we have surpassed those record-breaking figures by huge margins and sold more digital subscriptions than ever before.

The current year will undoubtedly be more difficult than 2019. Fortunately, Berlingske Media is a healthy company with plenty of equity, capable of fulfilling its role in good times and bad.

"We had an exceptionally successful 2019. Berlingske, Weekendavisen, B.T. and Euroinvestor grew throughout the year, and they all hold leading digital positions in the market. "

Anders Krab-Johansen
CEO and publisher of Berlingske Media