Mobile Vikings

Mobile Vikings to become part of the Proximus Group


Today, Monday 14 December, DPG Media announces that it has reached an agreement with Proximus for the takeover of telecom operator Mobile Vikings.

Mobile Vikings, one of the stronger young brands

Mobile Vikings, which was founded in 2007, is an attractive brand in the Belgian telecom market with a mobile offer that is particularly attractive to young people and data adepts. Today, the brands Mobile Vikings and JIM Mobile jointly have around 335,000 customers. Mobile Vikings is clearly positioned, leading the ‘Viking community’ to develop into a very dynamic community. Based in Hasselt, the company has some 80 employees. DPG Media bought Mobile Vikings in 2015 and merged it with JIM Mobile.

Mobile Vikings’ autonomy guaranteed

Mobile Vikings will continue to operate as a separate entity within the Proximus Group, with clear positioning and its own strong identity. Proximus has made a clear decision to ensure continuity in the DNA of the Mobile Vikings brand, which will continue to offer its products and services under the same conditions and the same name. Customers will retain the current services and benefits. This agreement will have no impact on the personnel.

Kris Vervaet, CEO of DPG Media Belgium: “I am very proud of Mobile Vikings’ track record in our company since 2015. Thanks to the professionalism of the Viking team in Hasselt, we have seen the Viking Community grow strongly to over 300,000 customers. Mobile Vikings has developed into one of the stronger young brands, with clear positioning and a high level of customer satisfaction. Given the rapid evolution of the telecom sector with, for example, the success of packages and the current regulatory framework, we are convinced that Proximus – as a leading telecom player – is extremely well positioned to enable Mobile Vikings to continue to grow and to guarantee it a bright future.”

Guillaume Boutin, CEO of Proximus : “I am delighted, and I am looking forward to welcoming Mobile Vikings’ employees and customers to our Group. My first priority is to maintain and further develop the identity and positioning of Mobile Vikings in the telecom market, to integrate this acquisition perfectly into our existing brand portfolio. Although they are all different from each other, each individual brand is very relevant in its own segment. In turn, Mobile Vikings’ customers will be able to count on the best mobile network in Belgium and to benefit from Proximus’ innovations. This acquisition will create value and ensure growth and commercial innovation.”

The transaction will be submitted to the Belgian Competition Authority for approval.