Hit the digital books with the Academy by DPG Media

Artificial Intelligence, remote leadership, Design Thinking, public speaking: what do you want to learn? The in-house Academy is our one-stop-shop for learning and development.

Are you ready to grow and take action?

We’re kind of stating the obvious when we say we value learning and development. What company doesn’t, right? But the real question is: how much do you care about your personal and professional development? Are you ready to grow and take action?

Own your learning curve

At DPG Media, we do not only want you to take ownership of your work but also of your career in tech. You’re the one in charge of your growth; we’re here to support you every step of the way. From day one, you’ll start learning on the job with and within your team. There is a lot of tech expertise to be found within our organization. So definitely make use of things like Guilds, browns bag sessions, hackathons, and, of course, Academy by DPG Media.

Woman hangs magazine cover between other covers on whiteboard

Learning fits everyone’s schedule 

The Academy by DPG Media is an online learning experience platform full of training courses, talks, webinars, podcasts, videos, and much more. Through the Academy platform, we stimulate all non-journalists (they have their own platform, de Campus) to lead their development and growth. It’s ‘just’ one of our Learning and Development team’s initiatives, and it’s one that we’re very proud of. 

There is a lot on offer: from 2-minute videos to multi-day training courses. The variety in learning formats enables you to always keep learning, even when you’ve got only a few minutes to spare. You can easily sign up for short courses that pique your interest, watch a quick video, or read an article. We believe that learning should fit everyone’s schedule. 

As we are bound and determined to support all our tech colleagues' ambitions, we also like to facilitate more intensive trajectories in the future, like coaching or training courses provided by other training institutes. Therefore, DPG Media is going to collaborate with training partners for programming languages, cloud certifications, Product Owner certification, and much more.

Teach not one, but many a lesson

Not only can you learn a lot through the Academy, but you can also become a teacher. The Academy team wants to work closely with tech experts to create learning programs and materials on specific topics as well. If you want to facilitate a workshop or throw a webinar, you’re not on your own. In-house learning and development experts will help you set up and promote your offer.