“We take the user by the hand”

Being a good host on the web

At DPG Media we have a common goal: dealing with data responsibly. “It’s all about being a good host,” says Director of DPG Network Dimitri Heikamp. “We wish to be transparent about how we handle data and explain this to our media users in a simple manner. That’s also what we’re doing right now, for instance by way of a self-developed privacy gate in the DPG Network.”

Some years ago, DPG Media was far too dependent on the conditions of big tech parties, which had access to all of the users’ data. Heikamp: “That felt unpleasant. We investigated building our own network incorporating all of our brands and platforms, which would offer a protected environment to use data responsibly. That’s how the DPG Network came about.”

In 2023, this network was equipped with its own privacy gate, which makes it possible to receive visitors even more personally and give them a clearer explanation of how DPG Media deals with data. “We did this because the standard European language about privacy is so complex, almost legal in nature, that users often don’t know what they’re actually giving permission for.”

This had to change, says Heikamp. “In our own privacy environments, where we of course comply with all European legislation, we really take the visitor by the hand. Using simple terms, we explain to you what we’re doing with your data. This makes things more understandable and manageable. In addition, we make sure you’re logged onto all of our titles after logging onto your DPG Media account once. It’s also becoming easier to customise your settings relating to privacy and data in a single place. Finally, we have an elaborate privacy portal, where we use a Q&A to explain what we’re doing with your data.”

The goal is to create a situation where a bond of trust with our end users goes hand in hand with our commercial objectives. Heikamp: “We’re transparent and honest about this. That’s the only way to build trust with one another.”