DPG Media, Mediahuis, NPO, RTL Nederland en Talpa Network gaan samenwerken in onderzoek naar persoonlijke datakluis voor gebruikers


DPG Media, Mediahuis, NPO, RTL Netherlands, and Talpa Network are collaborating to explore a new data infrastructure: a personal data vault. These media organizations share the vision that personal data and usage data will no longer be stored in centralized systems of providers but in a personal environment owned by the user themselves within a few years.

With a data vault, users can have complete control over access to their data. This ensures better privacy protection and enables much-improved personalization of services and advertisements. Users can truly determine what information can be shared, with whom, when, and for how long.

The media organizations anticipate that this new vision will become commonplace within a few years and, therefore, they want to initiate joint research now. To finance the research and development, an application will be prepared for the National Growth Fund. The Growth Fund, established by the Dutch government, aims to support collaborations that can contribute to the growth potential of the Dutch economy and have positive societal effects. The collaboration will take shape through the stichting Nederlandse Datakluis.