DPG Media launches new company: Aimwel


DPG Media is launching Aimwel, its new software-as-a-service company. Aimwel introduces advertising technology that enables international job boards, classifieds companies, publishers and advertisers to attract applicants in the right places with compelling campaigns. The service was born out of DPG Media’s expertise and experience in creating B2C campaigns that integrate well with niche sites, display and social media.

Job boards need support in delivering the expected results for recruiters, and that’s where we come in. The 2.5 billion USD recruitment advertising technology market is booming,” says Lauri Koop, CEO of Aimwel, a DPG Media company. “With employees in high demand and more types of media channels grabbing their attention, we have found the perfect product-market fit to attract active and passive jobseekers alike.

With staff shortages at an all-time high amid the Great Resignation, the needs of both the recruitment industry and talent have changed drastically. With optimal cross-media partnerships and stronger performance, Aimwel ensures more applications per vacancy at lower costs.

Success for us is to also add value to others, so launching Aimwel as an international B2B SaaS company makes perfect sense,” says Christian Van Thillo, Executive Chairman of DPG Media. “Innovation and entrepreneurship have been at the core of our company’s DNA for 35 years. We know how to grow and seize a great opportunity.

Aimwel has been successfully tested with leading job sites in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany. For more information about this new subsidiary of DPG Media, follow the LinkedIn page or visit www.Aimwel.com

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