Diverse and inclusive work environment

Keep investing in a safe environment where unique talent is acknowledged, recognised and involved.

We invest in the next generation of female leaders through our "Executive for a Day" program. Additionally, we fostered cultural diversity within our editorial teams through the Journalism Talent Traineeship. The second cohort has already commenced. To raise awareness about cultural diversity, we conducted a series of round-table sessions with employees from diverse backgrounds. In order to monitor social safety, we regularly conduct internal investigations into the well-being of DPG Media employees.

Facts and figures

  • M/F ratio for total staff complement: 55%/45% (2023), 56%/44% (2022)

  • M/F ratio for senior management: 70%/30% (2023), 70%/30% (2022)

  • At DPG Media, the options for registering someone’s gender are: man, woman and non-binary. The above ratios are rounded off to whole percentages, which means non-binary isn’t expressed as a percentage.

  • Gender pay gap (women relative to men): Belgium -1.3%, Netherlands -1.2%, excluding Independer.

  • Social safety score: 8.2/10 (2023), 8.2/10 (2022)

Other achievements

  • The difference in remuneration between men and women within DPG Media has been investigated, in accordance with European guidelines for such gender pay gap investigations. The pay gap may not exceed 5%. As of 2024, this will be investigated every year, with the addition of the brands in Denmark.

  • To work on the leadership of the future, a talent programme was launched in Belgium and the Netherlands in 2023. The group of participants consisted of 35 women and 22 men.

  • During a week themed around inclusivity in June, discussions were held with all employees about what it means to be a diverse and inclusive company and how everyone contributes to this.

  • Together with the production companies for TV and streaming platforms in Flanders, we’re working actively to create a more diverse cast in programmes.

  • Berlingske Media taught various workshops and training courses to prevent sexism on the work floor.

  • In Denmark, paternity leave is now comprised of the same number of weeks as maternity leave: 16.

The 'Diversity and Inclusion Network' at DPG Media plays a crucial role in promoting diversity and inclusion within the organization. Chairperson Sharita Boon and her team focus on various pillars, including inclusive leadership, an inclusive organization, and inclusive representation.

The network develops initiatives such as leadership programs, training on inclusive communication and recruitment, and attracting journalism talent with diverse backgrounds. DPG Media is committed to creating an inclusive environment and making external commitments to diversity.

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With nearly 2,000 journalists on board, DPG Media breathes journalism, and our newsrooms are eager to attract the best media professionals. However, our editorial teams should better reflect the diversity of the world around us, with employees spanning different age groups, people of various ethnic backgrounds, with and without disabilities. Embracing diverse perspectives allows for even more nuanced angles in news reporting.

Through this traineeship, DPG Media aims to ensure that reliable news is produced with a more diverse lens. We offer aspiring journalists the opportunity to undergo five months of training to become media professionals, contributing to a more inclusive and representative news landscape.

More about the traineeship

In a world where change and adaptability are essential, Melanie van Hemert has made her mark as the Director People & Sustainability at DPG Media. With a background as a tax advisor and a passion for aligning human ambitions with business objectives, Melanie has played a pivotal role in promoting diversity and a learning culture within the organization. Read on to discover how she has put her vision into practice and made a difference.

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