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Dag Allemaal

Dag Allemaal

Belgium North

The largest magazine in Flanders Dag Allemaal is the most read actua magazine with stories that touch. Move. Amaze. The magazine reaches more than one million readers every week. What happens with the Famous Fleming, what is going on in the world of the reader: there is so much to tell every week.

Dag Allemaal is the favorite magazine for those who love high-profile scoops and entertainment. Revealing news about national and international stars, intense stories about the man in the street, entertainment, current events and practical sections ... it is all covered. The icing on the cake is the removable, extensive television guide and for the little ones the Dag Kids supplement.

Tinne Marant - editor-in-chief Dag Allemaal: “Dag Allemaal is a magazine with stories that affect you. Move you. Surprise you. What is happening with Famous Flemings, what is happening in the reader's environment: there is so much to tell every week.”

There is also an edition of Dag Allemaal called Expres.

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Dag Allemaal is part of DPG Media's broad brand portfolio and can proudly call itself the market leader in Flanders as a weekly.

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