Night's sleep campaign for Yakult delivers results to dream of

Sleep is largely influenced by a good balance of intestinal flora. Science is now agreed on this, and this awareness is also growing among consumers. Yet there is still a large group of consumers for whom it is difficult to grasp that you yourself, through the right food, can contribute to a better night's sleep. How do we make something so invisible clear in a credible and accessible way, that was the big challenge for DPG Media.

The challenge

Night rest campaign for Yakult delivers results to dream of

The objectives:
The objectives were to:

  • educate readers on the importance of gut flora,

  • and increase consideration of the brand.

And how we succeeded in that, we'd love to tell you.

Een zeer succesvolle campagne waarbij de samenwerking met DPG Media en Publicis Media perfect verliep!

Marlies Voorneman, Marketing Manager Yakult

The solution

To convince people of something you don't see, trust and credibility are crucial. Moreover, this topic does require some explanation, and thus attention from the target audience. We therefore decided to package the content in a series of simple, interesting articles, linked to recognisable moments in the target group's life, such as restless nights due to work stress or sleep problems during menopause. Moreover, we brought the content series, bundled under the title Belly Rest x Night Rest, to the period when people experience the most sleep challenges: the period between the changing of the clock and the longest day.
Because the umfeld in which you advertise affects the message you tell (the so-called halo effect), we chose and to publish the content series. After daily newspapers, online news media are the most trusted and consumed with the most attention, according to the most recent media experience survey*. The ideal place for a file like this.

*Mediabelevingsonderzoek 2020, uitgevoerd door Kantar in opdracht van bvA, Outreach, MMA en NDP Nieuwsmedia.

The result

The 7 articles were read above average (on we achieved almost 10% more landings and on even a quarter more landings than you would normally expect from the investment). But, even more important to Yakult than quantity, was the quality of deployment. Was this campaign able to increase the desired consideration?

Without a doubt! Not only did assisted- and spontaneous-familiarity increase, the positive attitude towards the brand increased by index 129 and consideration by index 122. Significant growth was also observed on 4 out of 5 (confidential) image statements issued between people who interacted with the content and those who did not. That gut flora plays an important role in a good night's sleep is something a significantly larger group of people are convinced of through contact with the content, according to impact measurement by research firm DVJ.

Campaign images

Customer representatives of DPG Media and other involved parties

  • Marlies Voorneman (Yakult)
  • Iris van den Beld (Yakult)
  • Ruud van der Zee (Publicis)
  • Laurens Lenior (DPG Media)
  • Roeland van Dijk (DPG Media)
  • Brandstudio van DPG Media (strategie, concept, vormgeving en projectmanagement)

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