Branded content campaign has positive impact on brand perception Volvo

DPG Media developed a successful branded content campaign for Volvo. This campaign not only positively influenced the image, but also significantly increased preference and brand consideration within the target group and thus had a positive impact on Volvo's brand perception. The campaign was based on the 'people first' philosophy, showing that Volvo puts people first. Are you curious about all the details and background of this successful campaign? Then read on quickly!

The challenge

Branded content campaign has positive impact on brand perception Volvo

Volvo puts people first

Volvo's 'people first' philosophy is at the heart of their strategy to make people's lives easier and better. One of the objectives of this campaign was therefore to raise awareness for the theme of carefree and convenience, as well as safety and sustainability. In addition, Volvo wants its image statements to grow significantly on these values. To this end, DPG Media developed the ''Look at the Future'' campaign.

We look back carefully at the results of the campaign. DPG Media has professionally translated our needs into maximum reach. The online articles have undoubtedly contributed positively to our brand perception.

Roger van Polanen Petel, PR & Communication Manager bij Volvo Car Nederland

The solution

Maximum reach in the target group

To have maximum reach in the target group of Volvo, men and women (AB1) aged between 35 and 65, a target group research was conducted. Based on this, the media plan was determined. The first branded content flight was deployed on and De Volkskrant. De Volkskrant has high selectivity in the AB1 target group and was deployed to find reach. On, we saw the best results both on number of landings and average time on article. From this we conclude that Volvo and are a good match and Volvo content appeals to readers. Since the campaign, with its great content and photography, produced such good numbers on, it was decided to also use the AD. The overlap of and the AD is only 15%. So we tapped into a new readership with this.

Looking to the future

The powerful branded content campaign consisted of a series of articles that all focused on the future of the automotive industry. We started with an introduction of Volvo and their vision on the (r)evolution of safety in the automotive industry. We then unveiled Volvo's new electric car in the second article. Subsequent articles highlighted perspectives from Volvo drivers themselves, capitalising on the 'people first' mindset.

The result

Increase in brand consideration and more positive attitude towards the brand

The results of the campaign on business objectives are very positive, DVJ Insights' impact measurement shows. The positive attitude towards the brand is significantly higher (63%) among those who have seen the campaign, compared to those who have not seen the campaign (47%). In addition, brand consideration is also significantly higher (22%) among the campaign's exposed group compared to the unexposed group (15%).

Volvo stands for solid and safety

On all the different image statements measured, a significant positive effect can be seen among the campaign's exposed group. Especially the image statements ''Volvo stands for solid'' and ''Volvo stands for safety'' score high among this group. These image statements are central to Volvo's brand strategy. The biggest effect can be seen on the image statement ''Volvo stands for sustainable'', which is also an important pillar in Volvo's brand strategy.

Campaign images

Customer representatives of DPG Media and other involved parties

  • Paul Scholten, accountmanager
  • Yvette van der Veen, marketing communicatie strateeg
  • Astara Bakker, content creative
  • Wilco Spijkerman, key accountmanager agencies
  • Veerle van der Linden, accountmanager inbound agencies

Make an impression

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