Datalab helps Mitsubishi Motors achieve very good CPA results

To reach the right target group for its SUV campaign digitally in a smart and cost efficient way, Mitsubishi Motors engaged the Datalab of DPG Media and with success.

Mitsubishi Motors SUV

Mitsubishi Motors has been manufacturing and selling honest, robust and reliable cars worldwide for more than 100 years. Whether you choose a powerful SUV, a compact car, a plug-in hybrid or a pickup, you will always succeed at Mitsubishi. To increase the brand awareness and visibility of their latest SUV, media agency PHD enlisted the expertise of DPG Media with an important role played by the Datalab.

Building and activating

The goal of the SUV campaign was to bring the temporary offer on the SUVs to the attention of as many people as possible. To achieve this, PHD worked with DPG Media to set up a multi-channel strategy where the programmatic display part was focused on building and activating different target groups. In the first phase of the campaign, the focus was on appealing to (new) target groups and informing them about the temporary offer (build). In the second phase of the campaign, the focus was more on activation such as requesting a test drive on the website or completing a configurator.

Audience segmentation for optimal reach

To increase the reach of the campaign as efficiently and accurately as possible, DPG Media's Datalab compiled an audience using a special audience segmentation study. The basis of this audience segmentation is DPG Media's rich and unique first-party data. Based on interactions with the 10.8 million visitors of all media titles, DPG Media has a large data warehouse with a huge amount of profile characteristics. Data that they only share with their customers.

The audience database is compiled using first-party data on age and interests in SUV and automotive among DPG Media's readers, among other things. In addition, to increase the reach, Private marketplace deals (PMP) were set up, in which the qualitative DPG Media network was used. These PMP deals were then first tested against other audience strategies. Retargeting was used to initiate the second phase of the campaign.

Lower costs

The audience database that Datalab compiled specifically for Mitsubishi Motors allowed the campaign to be shown only to the right audience. And with success! Thanks in part to the smart audience segmentation and audience strategy, the cost per action (CPA) was nearly four times lower than competing media platforms. The success of the campaign was proof for both PHD and Mitsubishi Motors that first-party data and audience segmentation enables advertisers to build a successful omnichannel strategy.

Customer representatives of DPG Media and other involved parties

Accountmanager customer: Paul Scholten

Accountmanager agency: Mouette van Rijn

Programmatic Demand Manager: Kevin Vriend

Datalab offers the ability to reach the target audience effectively. The good CPA results show that the audiences are a good match. Setting up the PMP deals is simple and gives us flexibility to drive the best results

Lory Meesters

Also benefit from our first-party database

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