Creative effort for elmex® leads to rise in image

The challenge

Find out how elmex® managed to attract and retain the attention of the Ouders van Nu community with a creative multimedia campaign. The use of the Brushing Diploma as an eye-catcher was invaluable here and led to an above-benchmark performance. A happy customer was the result.

This campaign was developed by Ouders van Nu in collaboration with media agency Wavemaker.

Making parents aware of importance of children's oral care

elmex® has a range of oral care products suitable for every stage of life, even for toddlers from the first tooth. elmex® wants to make parents aware of the importance of oral care in children. DPG Media developed a creative multimedia campaign to convey this message.

Perfect match with Ouders van Nu

In order to present this important message in a relevant place, an intensive cooperation with Ouders van Nu was chosen. Ouders van Nu is the most knowledgeable and versatile multimedia platform for (expectant) parents of children aged 0 to 12. They are the go-to source for answers to questions about parenting, development, care and parenting. With their cross-media approach, Ouders van Nu reaches 1.2 million (Source: NPMM 2022-III) (expectant) parents every month.

Ouders van Nu is not only an authority, but also among the top three most trusted brands in the BrandZ top 100 most valuable brands (Millward Brown). This makes Ouders van Nu the perfect partner for elmex® , since elmex® is mainly known as a family brand, but still lacks 'expert' credentials. elmex® is therefore looking for a reliable and expert tone of voice that is at the same time warm and approachable, and that is exactly what Ouders van Nu offers.

Creative multimedia concept

The campaign is all about turning the toothbrushing moment into a festive occasion. To kick off the campaign, a 2/1 advertorial spread ('Brush wisely') was placed in the anniversary edition of Ouders van Nu. This special edition also includes a sticker sheet, where each child can put a sticker on the accompanying toothbrushing calendar after each brushing session. This is a handy tool to make brushing teeth together a party. After enough brushing, the child can earn a brushing diploma, which can also be found in the same edition of Ouders van Nu. This makes brushing teeth not only important, but also fun and rewarding!

The result

De resultaten van de effectmeting bevestigen dat de doelstellingen op engagement ruimschoots zijn behaald.

Jorine Koelemeijer
Senior Marketing Manager Oral Care bij Colgate-Palmolive

Nieuwe plannen

Media results well above benchmark

The campaign shows excellent results!

Through the print edition of Ouders van Nu, over 200,000 parents were reached (Source: NPMM 2022-III). The online advertorials (including boosting on Facebook) scored over 28,000 online views (+136% compared to the benchmark). From the online articles, as many as 187 calendars and polish diplomas are downloaded. Over 98,000 more people are reached via the Facebook post (this is 9% above benchmark) and the partner mailing has an open rate of over 38% (this is almost twice the benchmark).

Outstanding brand results  

Independent research by DVJ Research shows that:

  • The image of elmex® increased among respondents exposed to the campaign. All statements show a positive effect +10%

  • Over 70% of respondents feel that the statements clearly convey the campaign message

  • The content is perceived as funny and distinctive and captures the interest of the target group

Customer representatives of DPG Media and other involved parties

Jorine Koelemeijer - Senior Marketing Manager Oral Care | Colgate-Palmolive

Jolijn de Ridder -  Client Manager Wavemaker 

Jildes Lesterhuis - Senior accountmanager agencies

Veerle van der Linden - Inbound accountmanager agencies 

Mascha Damman  - Strategie en Concept Manager SIM Concepts & Projects

Anouk Schakenbos - Projectmanager SIM Concepts & Projects

Richt Kooistra - Copywriter 

Bas Leeflang - Senior accountmanager

Erik Hannema - Product specialist

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