Bosch Home Appliances creates brand preference through branded content and TV

DPG Media has developed a successful campaign in collaboration with Bosch around the concept 'My kitchen, that's me.' With this campaign, Bosch aimed to strengthen brand preference and increase the number of visits to Inspiration House 20|20. This case shares the approach and results of this inspiring multimedia campaign.

Basic info

  • Bosch Household Appliances

  • Retail

  • CTR above benchmark

The challenge

Increase in Bosch brand preference and brand awareness for Inspiratiehuis 20|20

Through this collaboration, Bosch aims to enhance brand preference for kitchen built-in appliances within the in-market target audience. Additionally, there was a desire to increase the name recognition and the number of visitors to Inspiratiehuis 20|20. The Bosch showroom at Inspiratiehuis 20|20 is, in fact, the place where a consumer can experience kitchen appliances firsthand and receive comprehensive advice.

For us, the collaboration with DPG Media is the way to showcase our kitchen built-in appliances in an inspiring manner. We have witnessed an increase in brand preference. The collaboration has been going very well for over six years now.

Krista Knuttel-Hof
Marketing Communication Manager

The solution

Implementing a 360-degree campaign and home tours

Since 2017, DPG Media and Bosch have had a partnership centered around the concept 'Mijn keuken, dat ben ik' (My kitchen, that's me). In 'Mijn keuken, dat ben ik', people proudly showcase their kitchens and explain how their kitchen plays a central role in their home and life. Together, vtwonen and Bosch created inspirational content for this concept (widely used on the vtwonen platform, both in print and digitally), which infused Bosch's key brand attributes.

Starting from 2021, Bosch also became a sponsor of the TV program 'Weer verliefd op je huis' (Falling in Love with Your Home Again). The TV program features vtwonen stylists providing makeovers that rekindle residents' love for their homes. These makeovers include the use of Bosch kitchen appliances. Throughout the 20 TV episodes, Bosch Home Appliances is visible both in-program and around various broadcasts.

To connect both elements (the concept 'Mijn keuken, dat ben ik' and the TV program), DPG Media developed a 360-degree campaign: the approach involved showcasing 9 home tours, while retaining the concept 'Mijn keuken, dat ben ik'. These home tours from the TV episodes were featured in the vtwonen magazine and promoted online through vtwonen's social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

By featuring the kitchens from the TV program as home tours in the vtwonen magazine, the lifespan of the sponsorship was extended and broadened. It didn't stop at the TV program segment; it continued both offline and online, making the content accessible 24/7. This provided the opportunity to offer more depth and detail in telling the story of 'Mijn keuken, dat ben ik'. Dedicated viewers of the television format would immediately recognize the content and generally show (very) keen interest in the deeper insights.

In addition to this effort, a contextual display campaign was implemented throughout the entire year for the campaign. Contextual targeting in the online space enables the targeting of non-identifiable visitors based on their content preferences and/or interests.

The result

Effect measurement maps positive impact of media engagement

The media results show that all previously discussed KPIs were amply achieved. The various expressions have a high reach and a CTR above the benchmark.

To chart the effects of the campaign on the brand, research is conducted twice a year through DVJ Insights. This is done through an exposed/non-exposed measurement after the end of the campaign. The last measurement (in May this year) included a collage of in-program item of 'Falling in love with your house again', an advertorial of an interior viewer and a branded content item on Here, the effect of the media deployment can clearly be seen:

Bosch's image increased among consumers exposed to the campaign. This can be seen, among other things, in the increase in the number of positive associations people have with the brand. In addition, positive shifts can be seen in the image statements. The biggest increase can be seen with the statements "Bosch is sustainable" and "Bosch contributes to a healthy life".

Finally, positive shifts can be seen at the bottom of Bosch's brand funnel. Compared to the previous measurements, it can be seen that preference towards Bosch has increased. The campaign message was considered clear by a large majority (65%) of respondents. Consumers who have been exposed to the campaign are more familiar with Inspiratiehuis 20|20 than consumers who have not seen the campaign and compared to the previous measurement, this also shows an increase.

New plans

The campaign has been live for several years now and has proven to be very effective for the brand. Bosch has therefore decided to extend the campaign and continue promoting the brand through DPG Media's channels. We are confident that even more positive results will be achieved in the future.

Campaign Materials

Customer representatives of DPG Media and other involved parties

  • Joyce Kroon, accountmanager
  • Celeste de Jong, projectmanager Brandstudio
  • Simone Braaksma, projectmanager SIM
  • Roger Verdurmen, strategie
  • Dennis Hoogervorst, onderzoek

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