Full funnel approach for Asian supermarket chain Amazing Oriental

The wish of Amazing Oriental

Amazing Oriental, the largest Asian supermarket chain in the Netherlands, wants to generate more brand awareness, be top of mind with potential customers and increase traffic to its shops and webshop.

The result

Reach, engagement and conversion improved

The full funnel approach for Amazing Oriental has delivered impressive results. The different phases of the approach, including the initial introduction to the brand to the conversion towards the shops and webshop, all contributed to the success.

  • The various skin + billboards achieved over 2.6 million impressions and over a million consumers were reached through the two print editions on the front pages of the Algemeen Dagblad.

  • The digital branded content articles all more than met the pre-set KPI. The long reading time of the articles shows that the content is perceived as engaging and inspiring.

  • The local approach via indebuurt.nl is also paying off: the number of article landings is more than 1.9 times higher than expected.

  • Through the use of Reclamefolder.nl, Amazing Oriental's digital leaflets have been read around 100,000 times a month.

  • In total, over 4 million people were reached through the print inset and another 3 million through the extensive digital inset.

Liza Poon

Customer representatives of DPG Media and other involved parties

Nationaal Accountmanager: Jens IJdema

Projectmanager: Anette Molenaar

AD & NU.nl Specialist: Kawing Tang

Digitaal specialist: Laura Nieuwenhuizen

Indebuurt specialist: Sanne Fornell

Account Consultant: Barbara Somers

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