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Breaking taboos is one thing, doing so effectively is another. Well-known self-care brand A.Vogel made it happen. For example, the brand achieved exceptional campaign results on AutoWeek with a branded content campaign focused on prostate problems. A.Vogel achieved a conversion rate 2.6 times higher than the benchmark, activating 672 men to take the online prostate test. In doing so, the brand directly contributed to breaking the social taboo surrounding prostate and urinary problems. Wondering how A.Vogel set up the campaign and how they arrived at these results? Then read on!

The challenge

A.Vogel exceeds AutoWeek benchmarks in top gear

'The most beautiful piece of nature is yourself'

A.Vogel believes in the pure power of plant-based ingredients as the most effective source for human health. The brand helps people stay healthy or become healthy again naturally. They do this with education on healthy living that they supplement where necessary with self-care products made with natural ingredients. One of A.Vogel's pillars is creating awareness among men over 50 with urinary complaints. Many men of this age suffer from benign prostate enlargement, which in half the cases turns out to be the cause of these urinary complaints. Men do not readily discuss this with loved ones or with their GP. Therefore, A.Vogel placed an online prostate test on their website as a tool so that one can quickly and accessibly get an indication of the degree of urinary complaints. From this starting point, the primary goal of the campaign was to convert men to this prostate test. The secondary goal was to generate interest in A.Vogel ProstaforceMed: a traditional herbal medicine based on Sabala serrulata for diagnosed benign prostate enlargement.*  

*Please read package insert before use. Application is based on traditional use only.

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"We weten dat veel van onze klanten zich zorgen maken over hun pensioen, maar omdat het vaak 20 tot 30 jaar ver weg is, is de urgentie laag. Samen met DPG Media vonden we een manier om deze urgentie te verhogen en pensioen bespreekbaar te maken"

Marc Rademaker

The solution

Branded content campaign

A.Vogel joined forces with DPG Media and looked for a way to activate male 50-plussers to do the online prostate test on the website. A.Vogel wanted to convey this message in a subtle and appropriate way. AutoWeek proved to be the right medium for this: this title is an expert in branded content and has a unique monthly reach of 1,614,500 Dutch people. Of this target group, 76% are male and 52% are over the age of 50. And let that exactly be the target group of A.Vogel's campaign. The approach of the branded content campaign was a branded article that we promoted on the front page, in the newsletter and on Autoweek's social media channels. Here we focused primarily on men over the age of 50 and secondarily on women: the influential partners of these men who may also experience the consequences of urinary problems.

Editorial hook

AutoWeek is about cars, so A.Vogel wanted to come up with an appropriate editorial hook focused on driving. So we came up with an article on the topic of "Peeing less often on the road and fewer bathroom stops. We introduced the article by starting about men's common and recognizable urination stops while driving. We continued the article with an informative paragraph on urinary problems in men over 50. Finally, we ended with a direct reference to the A.Vogel website, where one could easily complete the short prostate test to gain insight into his urination habits. After answering eight simple questions, the man in question had an indication of the degree of urinary complaints. This offered the man in question an extra push to see his family doctor to discuss the symptoms. If the diagnosis turned out to be an established benign prostate enlargement, A.Vogel ProstaforceMed can reduce urinary symptoms.

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The result

High exposure 

Even though A.Vogel as a brand is not related to cars, the campaign scored exceptionally well. With 10,904 unique views, the article about sanitary stops achieved 2.4 times more views than AutoWeek's benchmark. In addition, with a CTR (click-through-rate) of 5.5 percent, the article scored about two and a half times more clicks than expected. In addition to the high traffic, the visitors also turned out to be qualitative: the average reading time of the article was 1 minute and 16 seconds. AutoWeek's benchmark is an average of 1 minute. This allows us to conclude that the article was read particularly well and attentively. In the end, as many as 672 unique men visited the landing page on avogel.nl to do the prostate test. So we can say that the well-known self-care brand actively contributed to breaking the taboo around prostate and urinary problems. And that brings A.Vogel one step closer to their social goal: keeping people healthy or making them healthy again.

KOAG/KAG 11-0524-953

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