Insight in your campaign

Campaigns are used with the aim of growing a brand or company. In order to determine whether this goal is being achieved, a marketer needs insight into the results of a campaign.

Measurement is knowledge

The amount of clicks or direct conversions from campaigns are a result, but only represent a limited part. The majority of the result can only be seen in the turnover in the longer term. For this reason, you can measure the uplift for *upper funnel metrics* immediately after a campaign. An uplift in awareness, consideration, preference or purchase intention will lead to an uplift in sales in the future.

By already having indicators in the short term, you as a marketer know whether your campaign has been successful or whether there may still be something to tweak.
Everything to achieve the most profitable and valuable campaign.

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More than just clicks and impressions

Marketeers have been wrestling with a major problem for years. They have numerous transactional metrics at their disposal, such as impressions or unique clicks. But hard data on the influence of campaigns on brand perception is rare. While numerous studies show that the impact (beyond the click) is indeed there.

Brandfacts is a free report that focuses on 'brand uplift' of digital campaigns on the DPG Media network. By using this report, as an advertiser, you can summarise the strength of your campaign at a glance and compare it with the average impact of campaigns.

*"Simple and efficient way to measure branding effects and the impact of digital campaigns". *

Campaign effect measurement

DPG Media offers the Brandfacts brand research to brands free of charge with their campaign. This is to show the effect of a campaign to advertisers.

In a larger campaign, there may also be other objectives in addition to brand uplift. In such a case, a more extensive effect measurement may be useful. By means of a campaign effect measurement, things such as the brand image, advertising appreciation or advertising recognition can also be questioned. What is measured can be determined specifically for each campaign and can concern both a digital and offline campaign. Such a campaign effect measurement is performed by a specialized agency.