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Radio appeals to the imagination and makes images superfluous. Radio offers endless possibilities when it comes to the perfect commercial, boosting brand awareness or selling your product. With radio advertising, you can touch your target group.
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The medium that touches, entertains and excites your target group

Live radio is able to reach large masses of people and is dominant throughout the day. On average a person listens to audio for 190 minutes a day and radio is the audio medium with the highest daily reach. In addition, radio has a high call to action, it stimulates physical purchase or online search behaviour.


  • Reach a large mass of people
  • High call to action
  • Really touch your target group
million listeners per week
Target group
our listeners are ten years and older
Listening time
hours a day

Advertising on Qmusic

During commercial broadcast time, we like to help advertisers address listeners in the most pleasant way possible. After all, when you're in a positive mood you're more open to the messages of others.

Wondering how you can achieve your goal with a radio commercial? Contact the sales team of Qmusic, the market leader in radio in NL.

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