Did you know that you can add your product to one of our newspapers or magazines? There are several options.

Send your leaflet along

By adding your leaflet to our news media and magazines, you are guaranteed to reach your target group. With brands like Libelle, Margriet and our door to door newspapers, we reach millions of readers.

Because the leaflet is only added to a limited number of other leaflets, your message stands out much more than when it is included in a leaflet package.

Leaflets are still enormously popular. Research by NOM in 2019 shows that no fewer than 11.2 million people read leaflets every week (both in print and digitally). After an average reading time of 17 minutes, no less than 82% of all brochure readers then go to the shop or take action on the Internet. For almost half of the Dutch households, the leaflets even determine what will be on the shopping list.

I want to advertise
Folders en inserts

Let our readers test your product

Samples are the ideal opportunity to introduce your readers to your product. Your samples need to be pressure tested beforehand

Add a gift

You can include a gift with one of our magazines. This way our readers get to know your brand. Think of a discount card, a tester or a notebook.

Your offer on the cover

Do you want to get people moving? Then choose a paper credit card. You can place it in the magazine or on the cover. This will immediately attract the attention of our readers. The paper credit card is mainly used to generate a response and is suitable for offering discounts.