Reducing ecological footprint

Our contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and handling the world around us responsibly.

In 2022, we began assessing the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of our company in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which categorizes emissions into scopes 1, 2, and 3. We have also initiated a reduction plan.

  • In 2022, our building emissions totaled 13.2 kilotons of CO2, and our fleet emissions amounted to 4.2 kilotons of CO2. This puts scopes 1 and 2 (electricity, gas, and fuel consumption) at 17.4 kilotons of CO2.

  • We estimate that emissions from purchased materials, services, waste, commuting, and more (scope 3) will be approximately 180 kilotons, although the final report will be completed in 2023.

  • To reduce emissions in scopes 1 and 2 in the coming years, we will focus on implementing sustainable practices and reducing energy consumption in our current buildings, accelerating the electrification of our vehicle fleet, implementing a sustainable mobility policy, and completing the construction of the new Mediavaert office in Amsterdam by 2024. This new office, the largest wooden office building in Europe, will be significantly more energy-efficient.

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DPG Media will occupy the sustainable office building, Mediavaert, in Amsterdam in 2024. The building has been designed with a focus on sustainability, biodiversity, and energy consumption, and has received the prestigious 'Excellent' BREEAM label. Mediavaert will be the largest timber-hybrid building in Europe, with the majority of its construction made from carbon-neutral Cross-Laminated Timber. Green spaces surrounding the building will contribute to biodiversity, while water storage systems and water-saving features will be implemented. The building will be equipped with solar panels and will be completely free from fossil fuels.

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