Diverse and inclusive work environment

DPG Media wants to be an organisation where everyone feels at home and can participate at every level. In addition, as a media company, we want to be a reflection of society.

Working groups & projects

We make inclusiveness concrete through various working groups and projects. From a clear action plan in the recruitment of new talent to more inclusiveness in our news media and entertainment programmes.

Safe environment

We want employees to be able to do their work in a pleasant, but also safe environment. To this end, we take account of insecurity from the outside world: online threats, unsafe situations on the street or uninvited guests on the editorial floor.

No room for transgressive behaviour

Internally, too, there is no room for transgressive behaviour. There are various procedures, confidential advisers and initiatives to ensure that anyone who feels unsafe can make this known and that action can be taken.

Inclusiveness as an anchor point

Research by McKinsey shows that teams with diverse employees (gender and ethnicity) score on average 25 to 35% better in terms of operating results. Therefore, inclusiveness is an important anchor point in the corporate vision of DPG Media.

This is how we make our commitment concrete

The biggest challenge after signing a charter? Making sure something changes in practice. This is how we do it.

In Belgium: 3 working groups and overarching task force

An overarching task force and three subgroups are turning the commitment around inclusivity and social safety into concrete plans. There is a working group focusing on inclusiveness within entertainment that wants to make a visible difference on television and in midforms. The inclusive news media working group is taking action so that everyone can identify with our titles and media. The inclusive work environment working group focuses on the internal safety net, a culture of open feedback and inclusive recruitment. These working groups are followed up by the general task force on inclusiveness, which also reports.

In the Netherlands: Network Diversity and Inclusion

The 'Diversity and Inclusion Network' at DPG Media plays a crucial role in promoting diversity and inclusion within the organization. Chairperson Sharita Boon and her team focus on various pillars, including inclusive leadership, an inclusive organization, and inclusive representation.

The network develops initiatives such as leadership programs, training on inclusive communication and recruitment, and attracting journalism talent with diverse backgrounds. DPG Media is committed to creating an inclusive environment and making external commitments to diversity.

Read the interview with Sharita

We put our signature here

In both the Netherlands and Belgium, signatures were added to an Inclusivity Charter. With these signatures, we show that our work on this is 'here to stay'.

In the Netherlands: Charter Inclusivity signed

The Diversity Charter in the Netherlands is an initiative of Diversity in Business (part of the SER). With the signing and the accompanying plan of action, we make concrete agreements about what we want to achieve and when.

Sharita Boon, chairperson of the Network for Diversity and Inclusion: "By signing the charter, DPG Media says as an employer: we are committed to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organisation. If we, as a media company, want to appeal to the whole of the Netherlands, then we should also represent the whole of the Netherlands. Not only that, an inclusive organisation gives more room for different perspectives and talents, which leads to more creativity and innovation. Everyone can feel welcome and safe at DPG Media. That is what makes this signing so important: we are ready for the next step, in which we not only express our commitment internally, but also stand up in support of this important issue to the outside world."

In Belgium: Inclusivity Charter and sector charter against transgressive behaviour

DPG Media has also signed an Inclusivity Charter in Belgium. In this way, we commit ourselves to working even more on inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace and in our media products. For this purpose, we are rolling out a co-created action plan with four working groups that will get to work in a concrete way.  The Inclusivity Charter focuses on multiple dimensions of diversity: diversity of thought, action, cultural background, gender, sexual orientation, etc. In addition, DPG Media is committed to a safe working environment and awareness of the power of diversity. By building this diverse and inclusive organisation, DPG Media wants, according to the charter, 'to represent all Belgians and bring the different points of view and perspectives in word and image'.

DPG Media also committed to the sector charter on transgressive behaviour with an action plan to tackle this problem better and faster in the media sector. The plan came about with the media players and the Flemish Minister of Media, Benjamin Dalle. The emphasis is on prevention, which is why there is a strong commitment to training both confidential advisers and bystanders.

Kris Vervaet, CEO DPG Media België, signs the sector charter


Signing Charter Inclusivity in The Netherlands