How do I get an internship at DPG Media?

You’d better be ready, because making coffee or performing pointless tasks is not what we want from you. Our only demand: that you throw yourself wholeheartedly into the life of DPG Media with all your enthusiasm. Apply with a compelling motivation letter and clear CV and let us know how your talents will flourish at DPG Media.

At DPG Media you can do your internship in a wide variety of departments: in our newsrooms, in a production team, on the radio floor, in marketing, events, HR, etc. The choice is yours, as long as your internship fits in with your studies.

An internship is always:

  • in the context of a course (therefore an internship contract must be concluded between DPG Media and the educational institution);

  • in line with the content of your studies;

  • unpaid and lasts a minimum of 8 weeks.

This was the very first internship day at DPG Media

About 150 students came to take a look behind the scenes and discover the internships in our company.


This was the very first internship day at DPG Media

You get thrown into work life and get to do things you can't even imagine in school.

Maud Brangers