Which targeting option suits you best?


“You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it is.” As an advertiser, you obviously want your advertisements to be seen by the people who are interested in them. But to know your audience's preferences you need data, lots of data. And that is exactly what we have. With us, you can choose between five different targeting options. In short, everything you need to reach your consumer. 

Extensive brand combination

Basically, interacting with people as individuals is much more effective than sending the same message to everyone. Since the advertising managements of de Persgroep and MEDIALAAN are located under the same roof, we have numerous brands and a lot of data. We can construct rich profiles because we base ourselves on many brands:

•    News websites: HLN.be and DeMorgen.be

•    Television: e.g. VTM and Stievie 

•    Radio: Qmusic and Joe 

•    Specific websites: e.g. mijnenergie.be, VTM Koken and tweakers.be

Choose the audience targeting option that suits you

As an advertiser, you have five different targeting options to reach the right consumers in a GDPR-proof way:

  1. Basic

  2. Portrait

  3. Behavioural

  4. Intent

  5. Custom. 

The first set of options to refine your public is rather simple. The Basic targeting option is based on the more technical parameters of the visitor sessions, such as the IP address, browser type, domain (ISP) and device type. 

Do you wish to reach a specific social group? Then the Portrait targeting option is ideal for you. We have data about the gender, age and city of users who log in and, derived therefrom, also about the social group. 

Do you wish to reach a target audience that does not know your brand yet, but is likely to be interested in what you have to offer? Then the Behavioural targeting option would suit you. This allows you to contact a large group of users based on their interests. Behavioural segments are built up according to the consumption of our content. This entails reading behaviour, viewing behaviour, participation in competitions and events, and this across all our brands. You can choose between various segments, such as Sport enthusiasts, Foodies, Movie lovers etc. 

The fourth targeting option, Intent, allows you to reach people who are already at the beginning of their decision-making process. Because we base ourselves on data that we collect via websites such as spaargids.be, mijnenergie.be and vacature.com, we know very early on if someone is, for example, planning to move or change jobs. Thus, you reach a very relevant target audience that is actively looking for the products that you are offering.

Finally, do you want to go beyond predefined target audience categories and compile your own ideal target audience? Then the Custom targeting option is of much interest to you. By matching your database with ours, you reach your target audience with the right content, via the best channels and at the most suitable moments. Reconnect with consumers who have clicked an advertisement, obtain more insight in the interests of your client via audience profiling, or focus on our channels to profiles that are similar to your target group via lookalike modelling.

We deal with each of these specific targeting options in the following blog posts.