Open view of the world for a broad perspective

Trouw is there for people who are committed to society and want to be part of it. People who want to understand the complexities of the world better and would like to see the news covered in depth from all sides; constructively and in a socially engaged manner. And with empathy for the people in and the people behind the news.

Trouw believes that life is more profound if you have an open view of the world. That is why Trouw is written in a nuanced and objective way about the big questions that concern people and society. They want to be the reader's window on the world and help him or her form an opinion about what is going on.

Trouw publishes the magazine Tijdgeest every Saturday. A guiding principle in the magazine is the Saturday feeling, with a good mix of heavier and lighter, but always high-quality stories. With in-depth stories about the choices people make in their personal lives: family and relationships, family planning, study and work, housing and living conditions, the online society. But also in concrete stories and sections with practical tools, such as for leisure: walking and cycling, cooking, fashion, gardening and also plenty of room for literature and book reviews.

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