Tips to better reach customers in the construction, gardening and decoration sector


On Wednesday 5 October, advertisers can attend a webinar revealing the trends in the construction, gardening, and decorating sector. To reveal these trends, Space Doctors conducted extensive research. They gathered information on the types of communication messages and channels needed to effectively reach future consumers in the ‘house & home’ sector. In the interview below, Claire Powell and Diana Goderich shed light on the most important results.

1) After OTC, this is the second study you conducted for DPG Media. How exactly did you proceed?

As with the previous study, we used a combination of sources to gather knowledge around the sector – starting with harvesting knowledge from category experts in the internal Space Doctors team. We then connected with leading edge consumers from Belgium and cultural changemakers to push our thinking to the fringes and ensure a relevant cultural local lens. Afterwards, the gathered knowledge was analysed through our proprietary Human Drivers Model, allowing us to structure and explain behavioural and attitudinal change happening in the category. Our methodology is designed to get to the heart of human needs and understanding the why behind trends rather than just analysing the trends themselves, making our output that much more human-driven.

"The main challenge for the sector will be to pivot with the times, rather than to try to manipulate the consumers into different behavioural strategies."

- Diana Goderich, Culture & Trends Consultant @ Space Doctors -

2) General price increases are having a strong impact on how the industry operates. Think of longer delivery times and scarcity, but also customers dropping out. Which main challenges does the sector face today? 

There are many challenges all sectors are having to face now, many of them stemming back to the cost of living and energy crises. The main challenge for the sector will be to pivot with the times, rather than to try to manipulate the consumers into different behavioural strategies. The challenge today is to support in meaningful ways – and there are more routes than one to achieve this in a way that is authentic and organic to your brand.

3) Those changes are also having an impact on consumer expectations. Can you already give one away? 

Well, to talk further about the cost of living and rising prices, one of the things we will expect more of our homes is to support us, to be a resource to us, rather than a drain on our resources. We will look to our homes to not only provide security, but to maximise it as an asset. For example, how people are harnessing the power of AirBnB and other home-sharing services to capitalise on their space, or using life-hacking technology that helps to not only save, but even produce energy or resources. But for now… We can’t say anymore – you’ll have to join the webinar and listen in!

Curious about the other consumer expectations and how you as a brand can respond to them? Register quickly for our webinar on 5 October at 11 am.