"It is an open company within which you can easily 'manoeuvre'. Then you quickly build a network."

In a somewhat distant past, before she started working at DPG Media, Annelies Orye was already making radio. And that kept itching, also when she started as a programme manager at the Campus, the journalistic knowledge centre of DPG Media. When the arrival of radio station Willy was announced, the radio itch returned and she applied to present. Her adventure at the rock station started with one day a week, today Annelies is Channel Manager of the station.

Annelies was not looking for another challenge. She enjoyed her job as programme manager at the Campus. "I expanded the range of training courses on digital journalism and occasionally gave training courses myself. It was a very nice job, which brought me everywhere in the company. My network was extensive. And then they announced a new radio station at DPG Media, Willy. Annelies felt the itch again, and took the bold step.

"My supervisor supported me in my radio dream. I realise that that is special."

Annelies Orye - Channel Manager WIlly

On Fridays to Willy

"I remember well when Willy was announced. And I thought: finally a station for which you don't have to be twenty." Annelies sent an e-mail to the radio director and was allowed to do tests at Willy's. And suddenly she had her own radio station. And suddenly she had her own radio programme on Fridays.

"At the time, I combined that with working four days for the Campus. On Fridays, I went to Willy to make radio. My manager allowed me to do that without any problem. I do realise that that is special."

"I know I was also massively lucky. I was just in the right place at the right time. But the open mentality at DPG Media also plays a role, of course. If you see something internally that does appeal to you, I think that is always open to discussion."

More radio

And then two things came together: because of the pandemic, the trainings at Campus came to a halt, while at Willy they just decided to make more radio... Annelies did not have to think for very long and started working full time at Willy. The colleagues of the Campus also helped out elsewhere during that period, as long as the digital training offer was not up to date.

Annelies never left Willy, and in the meantime grew into Channel Manager. "Making radio is fun, but on the other hand, I am not the type to work alone for so long. The combination now is ideal: the strategic and people management as Channel Manager, and occasionally still making radio when someone is ill, for example."  At the moment, Annelies is in a perfect place. "In the coming years we will have some challenges here with Willy. I think I will have my hands full with that."

7 dilemmas for Annelies Orye

Joe or Willy?

"(laughs). Willy of course".

Chill with VTM GO or adrenaline of HLN Live?


Book or magazines?


7 deadly sins from Humo or showbiz in Story?

"The 7 deadly sins"

Own sandwiches or dish of the day in the brasserie?

"The dish of the day.

Weekend paper with coffee or tea?


Sports or watching sports?


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